Protein Interaction


In Charge: Arno Stefani
Project Funding: DFG
Duration: 03/10 -- 03/14
Keywords: protein interaction, mutual information, scoring


Molecular docking represents a versatile and important computational method for determining the structure of protein-protein complexes. Despite considerable efforts during the past years, a general solution to this problem is not yet within reach. One major problem is the definition of suitable criteria for a scoring function that allows the identification of a good docking solution among many false arrangements. Our present work demonstrates that the concepts from information theory can be adapted to treat the biological problem of protein-protein docking. We have developed a formalism on the concept of mutual information (MI) to investigate different features with respect to their information content in protein docking and we have also shown that MI-values can successfully be converted into a scoring function. Current work includes the analysis of larger datasets and more sophisticated structural features to obtain a robust and widely applicable approach.

Major Goals

  • Generation of good scoring functions
  • Information theoretic analysis of scoring

Persons Involved

Project Members

Institute for Information Transimission at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Bioinformatics Group of the Institute for Biochemistry at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg